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Social Media and Comments Disclaimer

This website is intended to service as a mechanism for communication between the public and Berthoud Fire Protection District ('the District'). 

The District operates and maintains this website and social media sites to provide residents, businesses, and visitors with information about District services, incidents, events, and projects. This information is intended to offer quick, convenient, and easy access for those wishing to learn about the District. 

The District's social media sites, are not continuously monitored and should not be used to report emergencies.  If you have any emergency situation, dial 911 immediately.   

The District strives for openness in its communications with the public and welcomes community feedback. We encourages comments, discussions, and engagement among social media users regarding the topics on our social media sites. The District seeks to respond to comments and questions posted on its social media sites when appropriate; however, the District may not respond to every comments or questions posted. If you have a specific comment, question, or request about public education, please contact us by emailing

User content and comments do not represent the views or position of the District. The District does not assume any liability for user content posted on the site. All links to other websites found linked are provided as a service to readers but such linkage does not constitute an endorsement of those sites by Berthoud Fire, and as such, we are not responsible for the content of external websites. 

Berthoud Fire monitors its social media sites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for comments requesting responses from the District and for comments violating this policy. Additionally, the original poster of user content may edit or delete their content without involvement by the District. All user content is subject to the terms of service of the social media site on which they are posted. Berthoud Fire reserves the right to report such violations to social media platforms. All user comments may be deemed public records and subject to public disclosure under the Colorado Public (Open) Records Act, C.R.S. § 24-72-101, et seq.

The District reserves the right to modify this Disclaimer at any time. If you have any questions about or would like to report a comment or post in violation of this Disclaimer, please contact us by emailing


Website Accessibility and Compliance

Berthoud Fire Protection District ('the District') is fully committed to providing accessible facilities, elements, and channels of communication to all members of the public. As part of this commitment, the District has a policy of providing an accessible website compatible with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) and commercial screen reading software. All features of the website are coded to allow individuals with vision and other impairments to understand and use the website to the same degree as someone without disabilities. We welcome feedback and can often resolve issues in a timely manner if they arise. 

If you need any special assistance or accommodations, please contact our accessibility officer, or call us at 970-532-2264. 

Ongoing Compliance Information
Compliance Officer 
Berthoud Fire Protection District has designated Chief of Staff, Jill Wilson, as its compliance officer for website disability-related accommodations. The compliance officer has received training in website accessibility and updates the site in accordance with those best practices. 

Compliance Procedures and Reports 
In addition to annual testing with users with a wide range of disabilities and coding our websites to WCAG standards, Berthoud Fire Protection District regularly scans its website to ensure ongoing compliance, and makes timely changes to any inaccessible changes, if any are found. 

Linked Documents and Third Party 
Please note that this site may link out to third party websites, such as state or federal agencies, that do not have accessible content. This site may also include documents provided by third parties included in our agenda packets, for example. While we cannot control the accessibility of content provided by third parties, we are happy to assist any member of the public with reading and accessing content on our site. 

See an opportunity for us to improve? Please contact our accessibility officer or call us at 970-532-2264. 

Report an Accessibility Issue
We are committed to your ability to access all content. Per Berthoud Fire Protection District internal processes, issues or requests for accommodation reported via the form below will be responded to by the compliance officer or designee within 2 business days. 

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