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Knox Box

Knox Box system is a secure emergency access program developed for property owners and fire departments. In an emergency, the knox box allows our firefighters to make immediate entry into the building and property without forced entry or delay.  

Knox Boxes must be ordered through Knox Box directly at

How to Order

  • Go to
  • Click on the “BUY” icon in the upper right corner of the page or “Buy Now” at the bottom of the screen on a mobile device
  • Select Colorado from drop down menu
  • Enter the local fire department/agency name (“Berthoud Fire”) or enter the address of the building needing the Knox product
  • Select if the knox box is for a commercial building, residential building or gate
  • Click on ‘order products’
  • The knox box buying options for Berthoud Fire will be displayed. (you may have to find your jurisdiction again (Berthoud Fire))
  • Choose the appropriate size and option for your needs and as directed by BFPD (most property owners purchase the 3200 Series (standard capacity); however, please coordinate and confirm with Berthoud Fire prior to ordering if unsure at 970-532-2264 or
  • Next you will be directed you to a page to provide additional information about the need/use of the box.
  • When completed, click SUBMIT.
  • Register for an account or login to complete purchase

Once you receive and install your Knox-Box, contact BFPD at 970-532-2264 to schedule us to meet you on site to lock keys or other contents in the Knox-Box. 

We recommend that Knox-Boxes be installed 5 to 6 feet above grade, not be hidden by vegetation, and be visible from the street of the main entrance.  Please confirm installation location with us ahead of time.

Do you need to change out your knox box contents?

If you need to switch out the keys or contents of an already installed knox box, please call 970-532-2264,  email us at, or submit a request below.   We will then schedule a time to meet you at the site.


Knox Box Change Out Request