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Business Safety Inspections

Berthoud Fire Protection District performs fire safety inspections annually at all businesses in the District’s response area. The inspections may be "drop in" or scheduled in advance, depending on the type of business, size of the building, and/or the potential impact on our visit to the business.

The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the business is kept in a safe condition for the owner, the employees and the customers.  The inspection will be completed using the current International Fire Code adopted by the Town of Berthoud or County.  

Please view this general safety checklist which provides some of the items that our inspectors will be looking at during our inspections.

Pre-Plan Inspections

In addition to annual fire safety inspections, the District completes annual pre-plans of the business.  Our fire personnel complete these pre-plans, which assist our firefighters if they may need to respond in an emergency situation.  The information gathered assists with:  

  • building layout familiarization
  • determining if there is anything unique about the building or business that may impact a future response
  • predetermine the best ways to respond to any emergency that may effect the building or the occupants inside

These pre-plans may be completed with our firefighters dropping by the business and/or the business may receive a phone call to verify information with the owner.


If you have questions about fire inspections  and/or would like to schedule your business to receive an inspection, please give us a call at 970-532-2264.